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Dog Vaccinations – How important are they and are they safe?

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When adopting a dog, you know right away that he depends on you for, well, everything. It is up to you to take care of your furry friend and provide him the best care possible and to stay on top of your dog’s health!.

Dogs can catch infectious diseases, which cause discomfort and others that can be seriously life threatening. To protect our dogs and allow them to develop immunity against those bacterial diseases, we can annually vaccinate them throughout their life. 

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Why should I vaccinate my dog?

To protect our dogs from serious diseases and to stay on the top of their health, vaccinations play a major role. Vaccinations for dog’s help prepare their immune system to defend itself from any invasion of disease-causing organisms. Furthermore, vaccinating your dog stops them from catching and spreading diseases to other dogs, this way our four-legged friends are much safer.

When should I vaccinate my dog?

As puppies are naturally protected against disease from the intake of their mother’s milk, which contains antibodies to fight infections, we must wait until the level of those antibodies drops to vaccinate our dog.

Once a puppy is old enough, which is the case after eight to ten weeks, they can have their first puppy vaccination, which then usually is followed up by a second set of injections, usually 2-4 weeks after their first set. To allow the immunity to develop, it is recommended not to take your pet outside at least one week after the second vaccine.

How many vaccines do dogs need?

After the initial vaccinations of your dog, he will need a regular booster vaccination throughout his life, to keep the immunity sustain. Under normal circumstances adult dogs have a vaccination every year. As some vaccinations offer longer protection than others, it can vary year on year which one has to be refreshed.  If you don’t keep consequent with the vaccinations of your dog, the immunity could go away and the risk of catching a disease is higher.

If you are planning on taking your dog on vacations abroad, they might need an extra vaccination, as we humans need as well. The type of vaccination can vary, depending on where you go. If you are instead considering kennelling your four-legged friend, it is crucial that your dog is vaccinated against Bordetella (Kennel Cough), as the disease is spread in the air by an infected dog coughing or sneezing. 

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Vaccines that dogs need

According the British Small Animal Veterinary Association following dog vaccinations are considered to be core:

  •         Canine Parvovirus
  •         Canine Distemper
  •         Hepatitis
  •         Leptospirosis

While non – core vaccines include:

  •         Bordetella (also known as Kennel Cough)
  •         Canine Influenza (dog flu)
  •         Rabies 
  •         Lyme vaccine

The non-core vaccines group is important for most dogs who may be exposed to these infectious diseases, for instance regarding regionally conditions. Review with your vet which of the above listed vaccines make the most sense for your dog and get an individual recommendation, according to the health and state of your four-legged friend.

Below you will find your dog’s vaccine schedule, which provides you an overview about when your furry friend should get vaccinated and which vaccinations are on schedule, according the life period of your dog.


Dogs vaccines schedule

Are dog’s vaccines safe?

Vaccination can protect our beloved ones from serious diseases. However, no matter how commonly it is performed, it always might carry a level of risks. For most pets, the benefits outweigh the risks. Vaccination reactions are rare though. 

Symptoms of side effects may include swelling at the injection site, mild fever, tiredness, and lack of appetite lasting 24-48 hours. We recommend vaccinating your dog at times, when you can monitor your furry friend throughout the day. Don’t worry, in cases you won’t be able to stay at home and look after your furry friend,  Pawbo+, the interactive dog camera with live-streaming on your smartphone-app, allows you to monitor your dog, even when you are not at home! 

Discuss with your veterinarian all benefits and risks for your dog and make the best decision to protect your dog from serious diseases.

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