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Choosing the Right Cat Feeder

5 Things to Consider When Buying an Automatic Cat Feeder

Why should I use an automatic cat feeder?

In our daily life routine, we must think about a lot of things at the same time. Trying to align the tasks in a way that we can make it all happen, makes scheduling become key.

Having a pet makes the equation of time gets a bit more complex. Feeding our feline friend different times throughout the day, must be planned thoroughly.

Why not automate the feeding process? With an automatic pet feeder for cat’s you can program a feeding schedule. By programming the mealtime and amount of meals per day, the cat feeder dispenses automatically. 

So, working longer or joining a last-minute dinner party won’t be a problem anymore!

How do automatic cat feeders work?

There are different kinds of automatic cat feeders (also called electronic cat feeder or timed cat feeder). What these cat food dispensers do have in common is the possibility of programming time and portion sizes per day. With a predefined food schedule, the feeder dispenses meals automatically and you do not have to worry about it anymore.

Controlling the times and amount of food your cat is eating is especially important to prevent your cat from being overweight. By using an automatic cat feeder, you can determine the exact amount of food that your four-legged friend is eating.

In addition, you should be aware that different types of electronic feeders are suitable for wet or dry foods, usually they are no made for both, and most of them only dispense dry food.

cat eating dry food

Which cat feeder is the best choice?

When buying an automatic cat feeder, there are many characteristics to consider. So, what should we look for when choosing an automatic cat feeder?

We will tell you about five important things you should look at when buying an automatic cat feeder.

  • The storage capacity of the feeder is very important, because first it is time saving. If you choose a feeder with a large capacity, the time spent refilling your cat feeder is less. Secondly, you do not need to open it too often, to check if there is enough food. This way it conserves the characteristics and flavours of the diet.
  • The design and size of the dispenser opening is very important, as well. If the size of the kibble does not pass through the opening, it will get stuck. Check the size of the dispenser opening beforehand.
  • Having a scale, responsible for measuring the amount of dispensed food, is another important characteristic. The scale ensures that your cat is eating the right portion. It becomes essential if your cat must follow a specific diet for treating diseases, such as overweight, chronic renal failure and diabetes.
  • The ease of the cleaning process should be another characteristic to evaluate. Generally, food bowls of cats are a groundwork for dirt to accumulate and promote bacterial growth. When choosing an automatic feeder, you should choose a feeder with an easy and fast cleaning process.
  • The building material of the automatic cat feeder should be pet proof and resistant enough against the sharp teeth of cats. Sometimes they like to play with the food bowl and could subsequently swallow little parts of it, which could cause internal damage.
pawbp crunchy cat feeder

Regarding all the above-mentioned important characteristics of automatic cat feeder, we recommend Pawbo Crunchy, the smart, automatic cat feeder.

Characteristics of Pawbo Crunchy, the automatic cat feeder, are following:

  • App control: Smart app that controls every time your pet eats and never miss a meal
  • Dual scale precise weighing: The most accurate pet feeder! With dual scale system and quantity control
  • Food never gets stuck: With the round dispensing mechanism, the food will never get stuck.
  • Easy clean up: Super easy to clean system, that ensures the best quality food intake
  • Backup battery: Never miss a meal! With the battery backup, you can feel safe that your pet will eat every meal
  • Voice recorder: Customized voice recording as a feeding signal for 10 sec to attract   your pet to eat food on time.
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