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What is the Best Cat Water Fountain?

How to choose a Cat Water Fountain?

Cat water fountains are popular amongst pet parents to encourage their furry babies to drink more. Most Cats don´t drink enough water, since they evolved as desert animals, a species which got most of their needed moisture from their prey. When cats do not consume enough water, it will probably lead to serious health complications.

Many cats prefer to drink flowing tap water than drinking out of a water bowl. In the wild, their instincts would say that running water would be fresher and safer rather than stagnant water that could be contaminated.

An automatic water dispenser is providing running water, which will stimulate your cat to drink more water throughout the day and improve his drinking habits. Read more about the reasons why your cat may not drink enough water in our article: Why do I need a Cat Water Fountain?

So, a cat water fountain is a good investment to ensure that your cat is well hydrated and healthy.

There are different types of cat water fountains in the market and high-tech pet products are revolutionizing the water intake of your feline friend on a new level, so called connected, smart products. 

But how do you choose among the fountains currently available in the market? Which one is the best cat water fountain for your feline friend? And does it have to be smart?

What types of cat drinking fountains are there, and which one is right for you?

There are different criteria to consider when choosing a cat water fountain, the most basic and important ones are the following:

1)  Material:

There are 3 main materials cat water fountains are made of: ceramic, stainless-steel and plastic.

While ceramic fountains have the advantage of being heavy weighted, rust and heat resistant, they can also break quickly and might not be the best indoor solution.

Stainless steel cat drinking fountains are robust and can also be cleaned easily. On the other hand, they are susceptible for scratches that form quickly and pose an increased risk of bacteria and for rust as well. 

Should you decide to get a plastic water fountain make sure it has the BPA and Phthalate-free certification, to avoid toxic chemicals which are unhealthy and dangerous for your cat.

So, when choosing a water fountain make sure the material is made of a high quality and is pet friendly.

2)  Filtration:

There are water fountains with and without replacement filters:

  • Without a filtration system, you do not have to care about changing the filter occasionally. However, cats are extremely sensitive to tastes and odours, which can negatively impact the amount of water intake.
  • With a filtration system, you will have the best solution to avoid impurity, odours, chlorine and to diminish hair inside the water, filters are used to provide fresh water and do reduce the risk of illnesses. A three-layer filter helps the water to avoid smells and be extra clean. With an active carbon filter, odours and bad tastes are removed and an ion-exchange resin reduces metals such as lead and copper.
Pawbo Spring Smart water fountain filters

3) Flow movement of the water:

Most cats prefer running water not only because their instincts say it’s fresher and cleaner but also because they have very sensitive whiskers and most bowls make them bend their whiskers causing discomfort or even pain (whisker fatigue).

So, having an always running water fountain with automatic shutdown, for security, when the water level is too low is a great solution.

Some cats are very shy and avoid loud and quick noises so make sure you choose a silent water fountain. The water should land as quietly and gently as possible with a low noise level.

4) Weight

The weight of your cat drinking fountain also plays an important role. If the drinking fountain is too light, it will tip-over when drinking or move over, step by step, making the water spill out quickly.

If your cat is playful, choose a stable drinking fountain, which is difficult to move or knock it over.

5) Propulsion

Most drinking fountains for cats run on a power cable. This means that they can be permanently switched on.

Power cables are more beneficial in cat drinking fountains. Drinking fountains that run on rechargeable batteries have to be constantly recharged. As a result, water easily gets into the electronic circuit. The battery also takes up more space in the water tank, which means that less water can flow.

When choosing a water fountain with a power cable make sure that it is environment friendly by working on a low voltage and spending less energy.

pawbo spring cat water fountain maintenance

6) Easy Cleaning

Since a cat drinking fountain should be cleaned at least once a week, it is a great relief if your fountain contains as few parts as possible, being as easy to clean as it can be. Moreover, ensure that the removable water tank is easy to take out and to refill and choose a design that you can clean effortlessly.

7) Safety

If buying a cat water fountain, pick one that detects low water levels and notifies you to refill the tank before running out of water. Moreover, in cases that you could not refill the tank in time, it should shut down automatically when water level is too low to prevent a burn out.

How? While the other 6 criteria are more basic ones and can be provided by ordinary cat water fountains, for taking care about the safety, it needs to have an intelligent feature by being a smart product.

Not sure what this exactly means? Don´t worry, we will explain to you in the following, what makes a product smart and what a smart cat water fountain is.

Cat nutrition

Smart vs. Non-Smart Cat Water Fountains

While ordinary, non-smart products can provide most or some of the above-mentioned basic criteria of a cat water fountain, Smart Cat Water Fountains are revolutionary.

Technological innovations! Providing intelligent features, smart cat water fountains are outperforming other fountains in the market. But first let us clarify what smart, intelligent products are before getting to know how to enhance the possibility of safety precautions and the way of monitoring your cat’s drinking pattern and health.

What makes a product smart?

A smart product, also called an intelligent product, is a data processing object, which has several interactive functions and is able to network, collect and communicate data.

It combines the physical and software interfaces and is connected to the internet to be able to share information to its users. Furthermore, smart devices can predict the needs of their users and give recommendations based on the data they receive.

So, lets sum up the most important characteristics of smart products:

  • Data recording and processing
  • Connected to the internet
  • Able to communicate and share information’s among different devices

These products range from motor vehicles to industrial equipment that can report on the location and condition of its environment. In recent years smart pet tech products have reached popularity, as well.

The pet tech product industry has seen a rapid expansion, with products available for everything your pet ever wanted: electronic pet toys, automated feeder´s, self-cleaning litter boxes, smart interactive pet cameras, and more.

What is a Smart Cat Water Fountain?

By knowing what a smart product is, a smart cat water fountain, obviously provides more than just flowing water in a loop.

With a smart cat water fountain, you´ll be able to learn more about daily drinking patterns of your feline friend, directly on the smartphone-app. You can understand the water intake of your cat and share important insights with your vet!

Moreover, the cat water fountain notifies you in cases your cat is not drinking enough water! Depending on your cat’s breed and age, your cat will get a recommended amount of water, which he should drink throughout the day.

smart cat water fountain

Not to forget the above-mentioned safety features. Low water levels are detected by the smart cat water fountain and you will get a notification on your smartphone with the urge to refill the tank before running out of water. In cases that you could not refill the tank in time, it will shut down automatically when water level is too low to prevent a burn out.

We know, isn’t it a great innovation?!

Regarding all the above-mentioned criteria, our recommendation goes for the smart cat water fountain Pawbo Spring!

You might ask yourself how a cat water fountain is able to detect your cat’s drinking pattern, recognize your pet and start recording the amount of water intake?

Pawbo Spring is delivered together with the activity tracker iPuppyGo! Placing it on the collar of your cat, it will record everything from sleeping pattern, calorie consumption, activity level to daily water intake! This way multiple pets can use the fountain at the same time, as the cat water fountain Pawbo Spring recognizes each pet through their iPuppyGo tracker!

Smart water fountain and activity tracker

In a nutshell see on the table below: Which differences are existing among a smart and non-smart fountain?

diffrence smart vs- non smart cat water fountain 2

Because of all these reasons, our recommendation goes for Pawbo Spring! It has all the above-mentioned criteria. It is amazing how it notifies you when your cat is not drinking enough water! It will do the math, depending on your cat’s breed and age, and your cat will get a recommended amount of water, which she should drink throughout the day.

Pawbo Spring recognizes each of your pets (when more than one) and record the water consumption respectively with the iPuppyGo tag! You just have to place it on your cat’s collar.

Visit our blog for more questions and let us know if you have any topic, you would like us to write about! 


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