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Why do I need a Cat Water Fountain?

5 Reasons: Why is my Cat not Drinking much Water and How Can I Encourage my Cat to Drink More?

You´ve probably already noticed that the drinking behaviour of your cat may be different from those of humans or other animals.   

Some only drink from their humans’ glass of water and others from a running water source like the water tap or toilet. Many cat parents have the problem that their cat is drinking too little water, while staying hydrated is extremely important for cats!  

Cat drinking Water

Depending on how active your animal is, what type of food it eats most of the time and also how warm it is outside, a cat needs an average fluid requirement of 60 to 80 ml of water per kilogram of body weight.  

So how can you ensure your cat takes the right amount of water every day, to stay hydrated and healthy?  

Have you ever considered buying a pet water fountain especially designed for your furry friend? But you were not sure, if this is the right tool animating your cat drinking more? We will give you important insights of cats’ drinking behaviour and reasons why a water fountain might be the best way improving the water intake of your cat! 

Why do cats need a water fountain?  

  1. Did you know that cats have a low intrinsic need to drink water?

Cats have a low thirst drive! They evolved as desert animals and a species which got most of their needed moisture from their prey. As domestic cats are not catching any birds or other preys, but are on a dry food diet instead, which are not providing them much moisture, they should drink enough water to prevent dehydration and following illnesses, like urinary tract problems and kidney disease.   

Their bodies are still accommodated to getting most of the water that they need from the food they eat. Furthermore, their kidneys still concentrate urine to conserve body water.  

  1. Cats don’t like drinking out of stagnant water sources

Are you wondering why your cat is used to drinking from the water tap? Cats consider standing water to be unsafe, as in nature standing water is a ground for bacteria that could make the cat ill. That is why they prefer finding water sources that are flowing rather than being still, since our domestic cats still have this inherited sense. Flowing water is considered as being cleaner and fresher, so drinking out of a water bowl is not ideal for them, since it’s not perceived as fresh water.  

A water fountain promotes the water intake of your cat. Constant running water that retains oxygen for freshness encouraging pets to drink more. The sound of running water streaming down the fountain will sure get your curious cat’s attention! Read more about how a cat water fountain works and other most frequently asked question.

  1. Cats are picky when it comes to drinking water

Cats are really sensitive to tastes and odours, which can negatively impact the amount of water they are drinking. Tap water with its chemicals and the bowl itself might have flavours that prevent cats from drinking enough water. You might can´t see a lot of impurities, scales, chlorine, hair, dust etc.    

That’s where a filter in the water fountain can resolve this issue, providing odour and flavour free water for your cat. Compared to fountains in the market, Pawbo Spring´s unique three-layer carbon filter helps the water from avoiding smells and be extra clean.

Pawbo Spring Smart water fountain filters
couple with cat
  1. Cats don’t like their whiskers to be touched

Is your cat tapping her paw into the water bowl to drink water? Some cats dab their paws in the water and lick them off instead of drinking from the bowl. A cat’s whiskers are very sensitive and some cats become stressed when their whiskers are being touched. It may be that the water bowl is simply too small, so that the whiskers of your furry friend is touching the edge when drinking, which causes your cat preferably drinking from flower tubes or out of the toilet.   

Also, cats have trouble identifying still water and the depth of water in its bowl. So tapping the water helps them to figure out the filling line of the water inside the bowl, to prevent their whiskers from being wet.  

  1. Improving the posture while drinking

Cats are more sensitive and may vomit if posture while drinking is too low. While drinking it is important to ensure a water intake from a source which is not too low.  

To provide the right height while drinking, Pawbo Spring consists of an ergonomic design which is thoroughly studied to be pet friendly. 

cat drinking posture - pawbp spring

Pet fountains for cats and dogs, can encourage your furry friend to drink more water. The water fountain simulates a natural source of water flow in the wild, which cats assume to be fresher and cleaner. Furthermore, you can provide pure water to your four-legged, without bacteria and dirt, by choosing water fountains with a replaceable charcoal filter and one which is easy to clean. And keep in your mind, for multiple pets you have to change the replaceable filter and clean the fountain more frequently.  

The shape and format of drinking fountains for cats is also important to take into consideration, when choosing the right fountain. Cats don’t like their whiskers to become wet when the bowl is too small and a low height fountain can´t provide a right posture while drinking.  

Another insight: Cat´s do not like to drink water near where they eat. Again, the reason is that their ancestors were dragging their food away from water sources. The drinking areas should always be separated from the food area. So, put the water fountain in a different place from your cat’s food bowl.  

So, what are you waiting for? Get a water fountain for your furry friend to encourage your cat to drink more water and help him to stay hydrated and healthy! If you want to know which types of cat water fountains are in the market, to choose the most suitable one for your cat, read our article: What is the Best Cat Water Fountain for Cats?

Visit our blog for more questions and let us know if you have any topic, you would like us to write about!  

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