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Most Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Water Fountains

Water is necessary for keeping the body hydrated and healthy and rinsing out toxins. That is also true for cats! Cats need fresh water every day to maintain good health. Dehydration in cats can lead to serious health problems, as urinary tract problems and kidney disease.

cat water drinking - laying on bed

But you’ve probably already noticed that your cat is not a big fan of drinking water and that he is really picky when drinking. Some only drink water from a running water source like the water tap or toilet.

Many cat parents have the problem that their cat is drinking too little water, while again staying hydrated is extremely important for cats! The reason is inherent in an evolutional instinctive behaviour, read more about the reasons why cats are not drinking much water and how a pet water fountain can be the solution

Cat water fountains are popular amongst pet parents to incentivise their furry babies to drink more. The automatic water dispenser is providing running water, which is best kept fresh and pure, because they use replaceable carbon filters to provide odour free and extra clean water for your cat. So, running water of cat drinking fountains encourage your cat to drink more water during the day improving their drinking habits and therefore their health.

How does the water fountain work and are cat water fountains safe? 

Water fountains work through a pump which is not visible from the outside. The water is constantly recirculated in a closed loop system by being pulled by the pump from the receiving tank and then carried up with tubes to the fountain´s head. With a filter system the water running again inside the tank is getting filtered before, to prevent the water and the pump inside the tank from getting dirty and disturbed by dust and fur.

Can my cat get an electric shock from its water fountain? Is the material of the water fountain safe? Cat water fountains are especially designed for your furry friend. But when choosing the right fountain, it is important to pick a quality product and do a good maintenance of the device.

Ensure that the electric components are placed on the top of the fountain, to prevent short-circuiting, like the cat water fountain from Pawbo – Pawbo Spring. Further the material of the fountain should be BPA-free to provide a healthy water intake of your furry friend. 


How many times do I need to clean and to change water and filter? 

The frequency you will need to change the water in a cat water fountain depends on several things: How many cats are using the fountain? How much water are they drinking? And how often are you changing the filter?

In a common situation, water changing once every 3 days would be fine. When it’s a multi-pets environment, it’s suggested to change the water daily.

With multiple pets drinking from the fountain, the water will go off quicker, because they are drinking it faster. There are also more cat faces and paws going into the fountain, meaning there is more dirt to be filtered out. 

If you are not changing the filter frequently enough then these bacteria, fur and dirt will end up in the water. It is recommended that you change the filter every 2–4 weeks when one cat is using the fountain. In a multi-cat household, you might change it every 2 weeks.  

Cat fountains should be cleaned at least once a week. Pawbo Spring´s removable water tank allows you to refill and clean effortlessly. Take out, refill, and insert the removable water tank. It is designed with rounded corners to make it easy to clean. 


pawbo spring cat water fountain maintenance

Can you leave them on all the time? 

Fountains can be left on continuously as long as the pump is always staying under the water. If the pump runs dry it may become damaged and need to be replaced.  

With a smart water fountain, like Pawbo Spring, low water level is detected by the fountain and you will get a notification on your smartphone with the urge to refill the tank before running out of water. In cases that you could not refill the tank in time, Pawbo Spring will shut down automatically when water level is too low to prevent a burn out. Furthermore it is environment friendly, by working on a low voltage and having less electricity consumption, so it doesn’t spend too much energy.

A pet water fountain can encourage your furry friend to drink more water. The water fountain simulates a natural source in the wild, which cats assume to be fresher and cleaner. Furthermore, you can provide pure water to your four-legged, without bacteria and dirt, by choosing water fountains with a filtration system.

How to get my cat to drink from a water fountain? 

Most cats are instantly attracted to running water and drinking from the cat fountain is not a problem. If your cat is very shy, he must slowly get used to the drinking fountain. You need some time and patience, but nothing that cannot be overcome, for a better future welfare four your cat. 

An easy and quick test to find out if your cat would use a drinking fountain, try running the tap. If he likes to drink from it, he will also like to use a drinking fountain.

cat water fountain

It is necessary that your cat first gets used to the fountain in his space. Don’t remove the previous water bowl right away and offer both water sources in the beginning. It is important that your cat can still go back to get water from the known source, before getting used to the sound of the fountain. Once you notice that your cat is drinking already several times throughout the day you can remove the old bowl.

Many times it’s first love at first sight and your cat gets used immediately to the new curiosity!

What about your cat? Do you think he would love a running water fountain?   

Visit our blog for more questions and let us know if you have any topic, you would like us to write about! 


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