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What is the Best Food for my Dog?

What is the Best Food for my Dog: Dependence of Different Life Stages!

When we decide to add a new member to our family what we want the most for him is to have a long and healthy life.

A dog’s life expectancy varies greatly depending on its size, breed and characteristics. A good and balanced diet will influence your dog’s quality of life.

The dog’s different life stages have different nutritional requirements.

  • The puppy phase is short, but very important, dogs grow very fast and so they need a reinforced junior diet that provides a lot of energy and nutrients for them to grow healthy.
Best dog food for senior

Did you know that small dogs are considered grown-up dogs at the age of 10 months, medium-sized dogs  at the age of 12 months and giant dogs a at the age of 18 months?

We are recommending the Royal Canin brand as it features a wide range of food for our puppy’s.

Royal Canin dog food for puppys
  • The adult phase is the phase when the dog reaches its definitive size and when its personality and temperament is also defined. During this phase it is important to choose a balanced diet and give them the right amount to avoid obesity.


Best Food For Adult Dog

The eating habits that the dog has throughout his adulthood will be crucial by entering the senior age.

In adult phase we have to pay special attention to weight changes. More than 50% of pet parents choose to sterilize their pet and as a consequence there may be a tendency for a weight gain that can quickly lead to obesity.

How to feed my dog right

To avoid this a you can choose to buy an automatic feeder as Pawbo Crunchy, which will dispense  the right amount of food daily. Also opt for a suitable food for neutered and sterilized dogs.

  • The Senior Phase, the transition to the senior phase varies from dog to dog. The first signs begin to appear with the white hairs, and we notice that our friend no longer has as much energy as before. It is at this stage that we should start giving a senior dog appropriate food to satisfy all the shortcomings that our friend begins to show.
Best dog food for senior dogs

For this phase we recommend the Royal Canin food for seniors.

Royal Canin dog food for senior dogs

Last but not least, an annual veterinary check-up is recommended with routine tests to help detect problems at early stage or prevent them from getting worse.

Dog and Veterinarian

The various types of feeding for dogs 

Let’s talk a little better about the various types of “modern” food that are currently available on the market for our dogs, and how pet parents adapt to the new styles of healthy eating. First we have to focus on understanding, which proteins are the main ones, a dog needs, then try to combine the chosen protein to other ingredients like fruits and vegetables. Dogs as everyone knows are carnivores, so the main protein they need is animal protein. 

  • Grain Free food (without cereal) 

Is grain free food healthier? 

Grain free or cereal free foods are healthier, and increasingly popular in the pet market. The composition of this food does not include cereals such as rice, corn, soy, wheat or barley. 

As a substitute the sources of carbohydrates are among other potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas, lentils . 

Why did grain free rations appear? 

Food without cereals have emerged to provide an answer to the dog food market, in which food is produced with excess amount of cereals in its composition while protein and vegetables are contained in less quantity. This often triggers problems such as allergies or intolerances for animals. 

Different dog foods

What is the advantage of a grain free diet? 

 It is wrong to say that animals have to eat food without cereal, dogs can eat food with cereal as carbohydrate, their organism can digest it. However, it will be great if we can choose a food that respects the nature of carnivores, since it has only the protein and vegetables necessary for their diet. The advantages of this type of diet are, that the animal has access to a balanced, healthy diet, which is at the same time the most similar to its nature, without pet parents having the trouble of cooking it. 

Is it worth it or not to invest in grain free food? 

The answer is yes, it is worth investing in a grain free food. This food has several benefits, they are more easily digested by your furry friend; Grain free diets are composed of a high protein content, which will help to strengthen their immune system, their formation of muscle and keep their hair healthy. 

Choosing a grain free diet helps to increase the life expectancy of your dog, it helps to prevent diabetes, degenerative diseases caused by age and provides a feeling of well-being to your companion. 

A food of excellent reference in the grain free market and which you can easily purchase is Taste of the Wild, where you will find several flavours. 

Taste of Wild Dog Food


  • Veterinary food or medicated diet 

Veterinary food is a specific diet for dogs with some type of health problems; you should consult a veterinarian before giving your friend a veterinary ration. 

It is a certified and very completed type of food. These medicated foods contribute a lot in a quick improvement of the animal’s health state, by being designed to treat existing health problems. They are made with the best quality ingredients and rich in flavour, so that pet owners just have to provide this special food to their beloved ones. 

Veterinary diets help in the treatment and prevention of health problems such as 

  • Problems with skin and food sensitivity
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Joint problems
  • Kidney problems
  • Digestive problems
  • Urinary problems
  • Obesity

There are several brands of feed in the market that already supply a veterinary range such as: 

Royal Canin, Hills, Advance, Virbac, Specific, Purina 


Royal Canin, Hills, Advance, Virbac, Specific, Purina
  • Natural and homemade food 

Taking care of our dog’s diet is very important to guarantee a long and healthy life for our friends. There are now many pet owners who opt for a healthy lifestyle for their dog or cat, leaving out industrialized food. Obesity is also something that worries pet owners a lot. Homemade food has been growing and gaining popularity among pet owners. 

What is a natural and homemade food? 

A natural diet is a balanced diet composed of natural and minimally processed ingredients, that are prepared homemade by the owners of dogs and cats, to compensate all of their needs. The benefit of this food is that you can prepare it yourself; you can try several proteins and vegetables and see which one your pet prefers. 

Food cooked at home must always be accompanied by your veterinarian so that nothing is missing in terms of nutrition. The main ingredients used in natural and homemade food are proteins (fish, chicken, beef, eggs, pork and animal offal, carbohydrates), fibres (brown rice, lentils, carrots, pumpkins, beets, broccoli, sweet potatoes, peas) and fats (lard, fish oil and coconut oil). There is no need to use spices in the preparation, as for protein you can use it raw or cooked. 

And don’t forget, this diet should always be monitored by your veterinarian and adapted to each dog depending on its weight, age, breed and lifestyle. 

Homemade Dog Food

What is the advantage of homemade food? 

 The advantages of this food are several: 

  • Healthy food, without cereals,dyesor preservatives 
  • Economical
  • Variety in food
  • Calorie control


After reading this article, what do you think? Will you give your dog a dry food, a veterinary food or will you choose a more homemade one? Give us your opinion, it is important to us. 



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