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How to Exercise Your Dog In- and Outdoors!

Excercise With Your Dog: Everything You Need to Know on How to Keep Your Dog Fit In- and Outdoors!

Keep your furry friend healthy and in shape! 

Keep your Dog Fit and Healthy

As we all know, doing exercises and working out are important to stay healthy and fit and of course pets are no exception to this. Relieving their energy is covering one of their basic needs, it keeps them in shape, it is important for their mental health and it is crucial for their day to day behaviour.   

In our busy daily life, we sometimes forget to give our dogs the exercise they need. A research of PDSA Animal Wellbeing (PAW) report showed that thousands of dogs in the UK are never walked at all! They are full of energy and if they do not find a way to let it out, it will be reflected in a destructive behaviour, like barking a lot and chewing on furniture.  

Getting out keeps his brain active and is a way to relieve their stress and be able to explore and hunt, simply it allows them to be a dog! Not getting enough exercise can cause serious health problems, such as obesity. The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention found out that 55.8 percent of dogs and 59.5 percent of cats are overweight or obese, which are forerunner for diabetes, arthritis and even cancer. 

Hiking walking with dog

1) How much exercise do dogs need? 

Depending on age, breed and tolerance the amount of exercises your four-legged friend is asking for can vary. While a Shi-Tzu may just want a small round of walk an adult Border Collie might be able to run around for hours.  

Puppies generally have more energy than adult dogs and need several short exercises along the day while a senior dog exercises are restricted to just a walk. For adult dogs in general 1-2 hours of exercise every day is enough to help him staying healthy.   

2) What kind of exercise are the best for my dog? 

  • Walking: The most classic form of exercise, is bringing your dog out for a walk, to let him explore everything with their nose and sniffing around. 


  • Running: This is a good exercise especially for breeds which cannot get enough and are full of energy. At the beginning make sure to start slowly and extend your exercise with longer distances later. 


  • Hiking: As bringing your dog for a walk hiking is a great choice for both of you to enjoy nature and spend some longer time outside the house.  


  • Swimming: This form of exercise must be taught your dog before. Not every dog loves water or swimming at all. Give it a try and let him discover a new way of relieving his energy. Read more in our article Can I Take My Dog Swimming. 


  • Cycling: Riding your bike alongside with your dog can be a great experience. Let your dog get use to the bike and ride as slowly as possible in the beginning.  
Dog Activities Indoors

4) How to exercise your dog indoors? 

But how to maintain this healthy and active routine for your do? You need to adapt and find a way to do activities indoors, that allow your pet to spend some energy, in this restricted moment. 

In this time where it is important to stay home and where we have just little access to larger spaces, parks and public places, being creative is important so that the routine and activities of daily life become more fun.  

So here are some tips for some activities indoors that can be good options for spending energy: 

  • Hide and seek 

Is a super easy game that can be done with any breed of dog. You don’t need accessories, the only thing you need to do is to train the “sit” and “stay” commands with your pet. Indicate one of them, hide and then call your dog. I’m sure it will be great for him and for you to exercise a little.   



Hide treats or toys around the house or under some pillows, for your furry friend to look for and find them!   


  • Game of tug of war 

Is a simple game that will make your pet spend a lot of energy. It can be made with any fabric, rope or an appropriate toy that your dog already has. Pull on, one side while your dog pulls on the other and have fun!  


  • The which hand game 

Use your both hands and place a treat in one of them, close your fists in front of your dog and then make him guess which hand is his treat.  


  • Create obstacles 

Look for objects or toys that create a path where your dog will have to overcome obstacles. Guide him to follow the path and at the end give a reward.  

No matter which form of exercises you are going to try out and choose for your dog, make sure to consult your veterinary to get individual recommendations depending on his health state and conditions.

Running with dog

These exercises and activities will help to keep your dog active and diverted for a few hours. Spending energy is also always important. Depending on your dog’s conditions try out different type of exercises to figure out which one he likes the most and fits the best for both of you.  

Make always sure to work out on good weather conditions (avoid hot temperatures) and control continuously the water intake of your pet, to make him stay hydratedA general guideline is that a healthy dog should drink between 20-70ml per day. We know it is not always easy to track the water intake of your pet, but don’t worry there are innovative solutions to assist you. With a smart water fountain for pets, such as Pawbo Spring, you are able to control and record the quantity of water, your furry friend is drinking.

Pawbo spring ergonomic Design page

In time of quarantine try out some of the indoor exercisesbe creative and use this time to settle some new routines and try out new activities with your dog! 

Visit our blog for more questions and let us know if you have any topic, you’d like us to write about!   

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