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Cleaning Your Dog´s Paws

Cleaning Your Dog´s Paws: Do it the Right Way During Covid-19

Taking our dog for a walkfor them is not just a way to relieve themselves, but it’s also time to explorehuntto digging holessmelling and running around in the mudThey love getting dirty   

Dirty Dog Paws

Pet parents know the daily matter about cleaning the paws of their dogs, especially during rainy days when places get muddy, they have to expect dirty paws after arriving back home.  

So, we are used to clean the paws of our dogs, to keep the floors clean and protect carpets, furniture’s and other personal belongings, sometimes by just storing a towel by the doorway, so that we can quickly clean the paws.

But sometimes, especially on a nice dry, sunny day or if we are in a hurry, we are skipping the cleaning routine of our dog´s paws. During the pandemic season caused by the new Coronavirus (Covid-19) this procedure and hygienic concerns are becoming a new importance and all precautions are necessary, when we think that we are being completely careful, there can be some details that might escape us.  

Dog Walk With Face Mask

In times of social distancing the walks with our dogs are allowed and essential for the animal and the owner, but how can we guarantee that they do not bring the virus in their paws into the house, just by sitting on our laps, next to us on the couch or by licking their paws and transmitting it to us.  

Well, we can’t guarantee that, but we can take precautions, by cleaning dirty paws, so that this does not happen such as: 

– Wash the paws with soap and water: Use a mild soap to give your dog a ever reliable soap-and-water wash and carefully remove mud, dirt and bacteria’s.  

Wash your dog’s feet with warm water and a shampoo suitable for the animal. If you don’t have a proper place to wash your dogs feet after every walk in your bathroom, one tip might be to leave a bucket of warm water outside the door so you can wash your dog before you go inside.  

Do not forget to dry them or you will get slippery and wet floors in your house 😊! 


Dog Bath

Wipes: Use baby wipes or other moist wipes, which are labeled safe for pet use or at least are scent-free and without alcohol. You can also use a plain old wet washcloth with a bit of dog shampoo, to be sure not to harm the paws with chemicals or fragrances contained in some wipes.  

Paw pads: Paw Pads are engineered to provide stability on slippery floors and are made amongst other things of fat and connective tissue and can easily be placed on dogs paws. After the walk you can easily remove and clean the paws to reuse them. 

– Dog Shoes or Booties: A similar preventive measure to protect the paws from stepping on the ground, is to find a good pair of qualitative dog boots. They are also great for keeping your dog’s paws safe from hot streets or other dangerous things he might could step on. But of course, you have to make sure that your dog feels comfortable by wearing them, by making him getting use to the foreign body on their feets.  

dog paw

Our pets are a part of the family, so we really have to think about their basic hygiene against Covid-19.  

WHO (World health organization) recommends that pet owners pay attention to each hygienic walk and wash the dog’s paws thoroughly before entering the house since the Covid-19 can survive several days on some surfaces.  

This behavior has been encouraged by several experts. Just so it’s clear the dogs don’t transmit the coronavirus, but they can carry it.  

On the other hand, veterinarians have asked for special attention not to wash the paws of our animals with bleach or alcohol because it is highly harmful to them and can cause serious health injuries to the animal.  

Advice for go out to walking your dog:   

– Take short dogs walks.  

 – Choose places with few people and low passage   

– Avoid contacting people and other animals during the tour.  

– Avoid people outside your home from petting your dog.  

At the end of every hygienic walk do not forget to leave your shoes at the door, and move on to washing your dog’s paws and snout, and not less important wash your hands.  

Washing Dog

So remember Cleaning Your Dog´s Paws during Covid-19 outbreak is very important to avoid spreading within your house. Cleaning your dog’s paws after you take him for a walk gives you also the chance to clean and investigate his paws and to check on other things as well.

In summary there are different ways on how to clean the feets of your dogs. Use well known and traditional ways, by washing the paws with soap and shampoo or try out novelties like paw pads or dog boots which makes the cleaning procedure much easier and faster.   

Stay healthy and safe and enjoy the extra time you have with your pets, by trying out new trainings and routines and make the bound between both of you even stronger.  

Visit our blog for more questions and let us know if you have any topic, you’d like us to write about!  

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