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French bulldog temperament: The guide for new pet parent!

French bulldog temperament: The guide for new pet parent!

The first thing to do before acquiring a dog, no matter the breed, is to understand if you identify with its characteristics, temperament and especially if you are prepared to have that type of breed living with you even if they are small dogs.

The French bulldog is a breed that is common and almost everyone loves them, due to its physical characteristics that leave no one indifferent. Although they tend to have some behavioural problems, starting with early puppy training classes tends to solve most of them.

The main characteristics of a French bulldog that any new pet parent should know are:

– Docile

– Small breed

– Playful

– Energetic

– Sociable

– Curious and fun loving

– An excellent dog to be a family member

– Coat requires little maintenance.

– They like short walks.

– It is the ideal dog to have in apartments or small houses.

french bulldog temperament pet parent

A very important point before acquiring a French bulldog is to understand if you identify with his temperament:

-They are dogs very attached to the owner.

-Very cheerful.

-They are calm and quiet in a domestic environment.

-Anxious about the separation.

-It is not of the breed to bark much because, due to their physiognomy, barking will tire them easily.


-They love big naps throughout the day.

-French bulldog puppy likes to gnaw on household objects.

– They need early socialization.

french bulldog temperament

How to take care of my French bulldog?

When choosing a French bulldog you have to think that this type of dog needs some special care such as:

– A specific diet for the breed, choose a small biscuit and characteristic shape, to be easier to chew and swallow.

– Weight control is essential for this dogs breed. A good option for French bulldog pet parent is to purchase an automatic feeder, for example the Pawbo Crunchy, that will make life much easier when it comes to giving the right amount of food at the same time every day.

– We must note that a French bulldog requires a domestic environment with moderate temperatures because they are a heat-intolerant breed due to its breathing difficulties, that is common in brachycephalic breeds.

– The French bulldog are very attached to their pet parent, so they tend to end up suffering from separation anxiety. A good tool to help you overcoming this problem, together with proper training is to use a pet camera like Pawbo +. This camera allows you to communicate with your dog throughout the day and even rewards him with biscuits, leaving him calmer and happier.

– In terms of hygiene care, pay special attention to the cleaning of the ears and skin folds on the muzzle.

What is the best food for my French bulldog?

The French bulldog has become one of the most chosen breeds to bring into a family, however it is a breed that requires several specific cares, one of them feeding. When taking care of a French bulldog you have to focus on giving a dog food that will satisfy all the needs of our dog and in this case the main concerns should be:

– Joint problems

– Digestive problems

– Skin problems

– Respiratory problems

black white french bulldog

After a detailed research and with the help of New Pet in Town veterinary we can say that one of the options to choose would be: Royal Canin French Bulldog

Royal Canin has developed this food with all the needs of a French bulldog in mind avoiding some health issues:

–  High digestibility proteins to prevent digestive disorders that are very common.

– It helps intestinal flora and contains prebiotics.

– Unique components to maintain proper skin health.

– It strengthens natural defences to the immune system.

– It has a croquette adapted to the brachycephalic jaw, which facilitates to stimulates chewing.


royal canin french bulldog

What are the different varieties of French Bulldog?

black french bulldog

The Black French Bulldog

The black bulldog is one of the rarest to find, since it is not an official colour of the breed. Breeders are advised not to create them.

The Cream Coloured French Bulldog

The cream coloured bulldog can range from light to dark. This is an official colour of the breed and is very popular due to is uniform colour.

cream coloured french bulldog
all white french bulldog

The All-White French Bulldog

The all-white bulldog is also a recognized colour, even without the albinism gene they have eyes and skin without pigmentation. These dogs easily develop deafness and diseases of skin and eyes.

The White French Bulldog with Black spots

The white bulldog with black spots is a colour that is very chosen by French Bulldog’s lovers. Interestingly it is not recognized as an official colour of the breed.

The white bulldog with black spots French Bulldog
The grey and white french bulldog

The Grey and White French Bulldog

The grey and white bulldog is also a colour not officially recognized, since it has great possibilities to develop skin diseases, deafness and sensitivity in the eyes.

The Chocolate Brown French Bulldog

The chocolate brown bulldog is a rare colour to find in these dogs. This colour is not accepted as official colour of the breed, unfortunately has also a great predisposition to have various skin and eye diseases

The Chocolate Brown French Bulldog
Brindle french bulldog

The Brindle French Bulldog

The Brindle bulldog colour can have various patterns such as light and dark Brindle. All these colour variations are accepted as official breed of French Bulldog.

The Grey French Bulldog

The grey bulldog is not accepted as an official colour of the breed. Dogs with this colour may have yellow or green eyes that are very sensitive. The main problem is due to the light eye colouring, when they became adult french bulldogs, it increases the probability of these dogs developing diseases such as  blindness.

The Grey French Bulldog

Still think that the French Bulldog is the dog for you? So get ready to give a lot of attention and affection to your bigmouth, which with its fun and cheerful personality will bring a lot of love back to you and to your life. One thing you can be sure about French bulldog temperament they realy love their owners!

french bulldog all

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