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Dogs Separation Anxiety. After the quarantine, how it will be?

Dogs separating anxiety

Separation anxiety in dogs that are home alone is common. Dogs are very social animals (just like us 😉) and can feel distressed when their guardians go away – the people they love and are attached to. Being alone is just not something a dog like…

Routine changes can affect your dog’s behaviour. During the quarantine, your dog is used to your presence at home for the whole time! They just love it. But…what will happen when the quarantine will be over, and everything goes back to what it was?

An abrupt change in schedule impacting the time your dog is home alone can trigger the development of separation anxiety.

Your friend probably will not like it and will miss you. He/she got used to another routine, a much better one. Why change that?

There are some things you can do to ease his/her distress.

Signs of dogs separation anxiety

First and foremost, let’s look at the signs of separation anxiety and its symptoms.

Most of them will be obvious:

  1. Destructive behaviour:

    when left alone some dogs can have some behaviour problems like scratching at doors, carpets…chewing and destroying furniture and door frames… Unfortunately, these behaviours can sometimes result in self-injury.
  2. Unwanted toileting: urinating and defecating inside the house
  3. Bark or Howl: trying to persuade you to come back
  4. Attempting to escape
Dog Barking Dogs separation anxiety

However, if you dog does not show these signs it doesn’t mean he doesn’t miss you or even suffer from separation anxiety. Some other signs might occur and you should be aware:

  1. Trembling
  2. Whining
  3. Repetitive behaviour or Pacing: some dogs might pace a specific path in a repeated pattern
  4. Excessive salivation
  5. Vomiting

How can you tell that these symptoms /signs are caused by separation anxiety and not something else?

These behaviours do not usually occur in the presence of the guardian. Only happen when he/she goes away. Furthermore, they will probably happen within the first 30 minutes upon their guardian’s departure.

Even if you believe your dog is happy when left home alone check for the hidden signs by filming your dog while you are away.

We recommend the Interactive dog camera – Pawbo+ powered by Acer technology. It will help you keeping your dog company. You will be able to see and talk (2-way audio) with your friend and toss some treats to reward him.

How to help a dog with separation anxiety?

First, never punish anxious dogs. It will not help. It can be upsetting when your dog has destructive behaviours, but punishment will only make things worse, increasing his level of anxiety.

  1. Give your friend an irresistible toy by the time you leave the house (interactive dog treat toy…). But make sure you only give that special toy when leaving home and take it back once you get home again.
  2. Take him for a walk before leaving to work. This way your dog will be quieter when you leave.
  3. Leave some of your clothes with him (recently used to have your scent)
  4. Down tone your comings and goings. Stay calm and project it.
Dogs after quarantine
  1. Consider getting an interactive pet (dog) camera like Pawbo+ powered by Acer. It might be a good idea! Don’t worry about having to spend to many hours working, Pawbo+ will help you keeping your pet company. 

If you can’t control your dog’s anxiety or have some questions, then it is best to seek for professional help, like the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors or your veterinarian.

After the quarantine, many dogs will be impacted with the routine differences. They are used to have you at home all the time now. They will miss you and you will have a hard time leaving your dog home alone. Take these tips into consideration. The Pawbo+ camera will ease your worries about your friend as well. You’ll get to see and talk with him from work!

Does your dog shas separation anxiety? Tell us about it!

Visit our blog for more questions and let us know if you have any topic, you’d like us to write about!

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