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Cat Water Fountain – Is your cat drinking enough water?

cat drinking

Do you ever think about the amount of water your cat drinks and if that is enough to keep him hydrated? Do you know the consequences to him if not drinking enough water? 

If a cat doesn’t drink enough water, he may get sick and develop problems like: 

  • Dehydration, 
  • Kidney disease or  
  • Lower urinary tract disease 

We know that cats don’t always drink water easily they can be quite picky when it comes to drinking water…  

A good cat water fountain can be of great help and relief! 

Taking care of our cats’ food is important, but water intake is no less important!  

Don’t worry! We’ll help 😊

Water in cat’s health 

As in humans, water is essential for cat survival and assuming that 70% of the body is water, a decrease in water intake can be harmful and lead to some diseases. 

Hydration is the physiological status where the equilibrium between electrolytes and body fluids are balanced and can affect everything in the body, from blood circulation to digestion. 

Cats, unlike dogs, are most at risk of drinking less water, which can be a factor that contributes to increase kidney problems. 

On the other hand, if your cat is drinking an excessive amount of water, there can be a medical reason behind it; some diseases such as diabetes and hyperthyroidism or chronic renal insufficiency, amongst others. If you have doubts please take your cat to the vet. 

OK, but… How much should a cat drink each day? How can I force my cat to drink water? Will a water fountain help? 

The average amount of water that a 5kg healthy cat should drink is 250ml. There can be some variations. Kittens drink a bit more. 

tips to encourage your cat to drink water: 

  1. Feed your cat with canned wet food Specially those that contains about 70% to 80% water. In alternative you can moist his dry food with water or a broth. 
  2. Flavour his water Adding some flavour to his water can make wonders. Put in some tuna juice or a meat broth, get creative with your vet’s help! 
  3.  Place water bowls everywhere! Yep, that can help. A bit messy, we know, but it can work. Just don’t forget to clean the bowl daily (don’t just ad more water) and replace it with fresh water. 
  4.  Be creative with Ice Cubes You either let him play with the ice cubes or add it to his food. The ice cubes in the food will take on the food’s flavour and guess what? Some cats do prefer icy water (just like us!) 
  5.  Keep the water Fresh and Clean! Cats are very sensitive. It has to be fresh and extremely clean, with no smells (tap water can be smelly)Filtered water won’t smell of chemicals or chlorine. 
  6. Use a Cat Water Fountain! Our favourite option!  Always fresh and filtered. With running water that is enticing for cats even for the pickiest cat. One that registers your cat’s water daily intake so that you can control if everything is ok. Pawbo Spring does all that and records those precious moments. 

How do I know if my cat is not drinking enough water? 

  1. Decrease in urination Always check and keep your cat’s litter box clean. Less urine in the litter box can be a sign of less water intake and dehydration. 
  2. Loss of skin elasticity  When the skin becomes loose. Test it pulling the skin on the back of your cat’s neck. If the skin takes a long time to return to normal, it indicates that you need to pay attention to the amount of water your cat has been drinking or exaggerated losses. 
  3. High respiratory rates Assess together with the veterinarian the respiratory and cardiac frequency of your cat. A high respiratory and cardiac frequency can be a sign of dehydration. 
  4.  Loss of appetite or depression It can also be a sign of dehydration. 
  5. Vomiting or Diarrhea  In these situations, you should reinforce the water intake because your pet can lose a lot of water 

If you notice some of these signs please take your cat to the veterinarian. 

With a smart cat water fountain, like Pawbo Spring, you can know your cat’s exact water intake and report it to the veterinarian if necessary. 

On a hot day, make sure your cat gets some extra sips because the temperature also influences hydration.  

Why are cats so quirky about drinking water? Does a cat water fountain help?

Many cats only drink moving water which can be hard to manage. 

Some say that it goes back to their wild instinct, where they only drunk moving water to prevent becoming sick. Others say that cats just learn that running water tends to be cooler. 

What we know is that there is an easy way to replace the constant need for a tap running water! Pawbo Springthe smart cat water fountain is the answer!  

cat water fountain

Check out Pawbo Spring, our favourite cat water fountain main features: 

  • INCENTIVES WATER INTAKE: Constant running water that retains oxygen for freshness that encourages cats to drink more. The three-layer filter helps the water to avoid smells and be extra clean. 
  • MONITORS YOUR PET’S HEALTH: Learn about drinking patterns with the app. Take the data to your vet and help diagnose illnesses (like kidney diseases). Notifies you when your pets aren’t drinking enough water. Suitable for more than one pet with the iPuppyGo tag. 
  • SECURITY: No burn out. Water pumps shuts down automatically when there’s insufficient water in storage. The electric connectors are on the top of the equipment preventing short-circuiting. 
  • EASE & CONVENIENCE: Take out, refill and insert the removable water tank, without disconnecting. Designed to make cleaning effortless. Pawbo Spring will notify you about low water level and need of filter changes. 
  • RECORD PRECIOUS MOMENTS: Auto detect your pets with iPuppyGo tag and record. Download clips of your pet drinking via Pawbo Spring app. 
  • ULTRA SILENT: isn’t that great? 

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