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Cat meowing, reasons why your cat meows

Cat Meowing

Cats communicate in many different ways to their human parents. It’s said that they can make more than 100 different vocal sounds!

How can we understand them all? Probably you can’t but we can help on some of the reasons that happens.

Cat meow sound: Happy or Unhappy? Just to solicit attention? Don’t know what to do with your feline friend’s excessive meowing?

Let’s learn more about cat language!

Body expression and behavioral changes can be good indicators for you to understand what your friend wants to tell you.

Did you know that meowing is not part of natural cat language? Cats don’t usually meow to each other; they’ve developed that ability to communicate with humans. The only meowing in cat language is done between a mother cat and her kittens. The kitten meows to call his mother’s care and attention.

It is also important to emphasize that each feline communicates in its unique way and cat breeds have their own personality and therefore their own way of reacting to situations.

Is your cat meowing?

He might be asking for your attention! It’s said that cats are independent creatures that rather be left alone, but they often meow to iniciate an interaction with you. “Hello!”; “I want to play!”, “Can you please pet me?”

Cat meowing, reasons why your cat meows.

How to translate a cat meowing? What are the reasons?

When meowing your friend may be after attention seeking and most times will be insistent.

Reasons why your cat meows:

  1. Asking for Food

Is one the most reasons why cats meow. Usually they become very vocal when they get into the kitchen trying to receive a treat… If you are trying to stop excessive mewoing, don’t feed him whenever he asks for a treat.

Another great alternative is to get an automatic cat feeder such as Pawbo Crunchy that makes available food at set times, establishing an eating routine. He’ll learn to eat on the scheduled times.

  1. Stress

When stressed, cats also vocalize their frustrations out loud. It might be because of some changes at home such as a new family member (another pet or a baby), remodeling the house (new flowers, a new sofa) or even the loss of someone. 

It can also be anything else that makes them nervous like going to the vet or travelling by car or being alone for a long time.

  1. Illness

This is another reason why cats meow. You need to pay attention. Be aware If your cat suddenly starts to meow excessively. 

If you suspect that your friend is sick or not feeling well, the first thing to do is to see a veterinarian. Many diseases can cause a cat to feel hunger, pain, thirst and it can make your cat meow more than normal.

Illness can even change your cat’s behavior to you by being more aggressive.

  1. Asking for Something

Not necessarily food but also things like opening a door…

  1. Greeting

Just saying Hi to you! So glad you’re home!

  1. Ageeing

Older cats due to neurologic degeneration can show signs of mental confusion or cognitive dysfunction, and due to this lack of cognitive capacity they can meow more than when they were young. 

Talk to your veterinarian and ask for advice as there are some medications that can help in these cases.

  1. Breeding season

Only applicable for intact adult cats. 

It’s another factor that can lead to an exaggerated meowing, as they communicate announcing that they want to breed. Females when in heat, meow more than normal and males also meow when smelling a female.

  1. Water

Your furry friend might have an empty water bowl or not the fresh water of his preference.

You can prevent this meowing with a smart water fountain like Pawbo Spring; with running water that will be always fresh and available notifying you if your cat is not drinking enough.

  1. Boredom

He can just be bored you know?

Make sure your cat knows that you are always around! He won’t feel lonely anymore.

With an Interactive Pet Camera such as Pawbo + you can give him an extra dose of affection 🙂

With Pawbo + you can see, listen, talk and give him some treats.

Cat meowing, reasons why your cat meows
The most important is to know your friend is well. Pay attention to you cat meowing and give lots of love!

Being a cat parent comes with responsibility and love.

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