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Can cats eat chocolate? Dangerous human food for cats

It’s always good to know what can be harmful to your cat, especially if it’s food that we find in our homes and we see them as harm free.

You’re just giving your cat a treat, you love him, and he deserves it, right? Wrong.

There are healthy treats that you can give and still spoil him with things he loves.

Learn here what you can and cannot give your cat as a treat. 

Usually, there are many doubts about what kinds of food is safe for cats and we see many questions related to specific food such as can cats eat cheese? Can cats drink milk? Can cats eat eggs? Can cats eat chocolate? 

cat eat chocolate

Can my cat eat chocolate? The answer is NO. 

Chocolate can be poisonous to cats as it has in its composition methylxanthines (theobromine and caffeine). These are chemicals that result in toxicity when eaten by cats. The severity of toxicity depend of factors such as type and amount of ingested chocolate and the size of your feline friends. The amount of methylxanthines vary from high amounts in dark chocolate to low amounts in white chocolate, so the probability of toxicity when a cat eats dark chocolate is higher than when he eats milk chocolate and almost none when he eats white chocolate (this can produce diarrhea due to large amount of sugar).  Be aware of symptoms of chocolate poisoning, like vomiting, diarrhea, amongs others .

Can my cat drink milk? The answer is NO 

When born, as all mammals, cats drink milk directly from their mothers. This milk in the first day of life is called colostrum and is very important because it’s the only way to receive weapons (antibodies) that protect them against diseases. As they age, their ability to process the sugar present in milk, lactose, decreases. They start to eat solid food around 8 to 10 weeks old, and they don’t need milk any more in their lives. 

Milk is not toxic for cats, but it can produce vomiting and diarrhea in adult age. 

Can my cat eat cheese? The answer is NO 

The principals about why cats cannot drink milk are the same for cheese. As lactose intolerant cats cannot digest the cheese lactose. This can produce vomiting and diarrhea and when they are too young can lead to dehydration. Despite gastro-intestinal alterations, the amount of salt and fat are too high and it’s also not advisable. 

Can my cat eat eggs? The answer is YES, BUT as a treat, cooked and never raw. 

Egg protein is a great source of protein but should be given to cats only in small portions. To give eggs, first you should boil them, remove all the shell, divide in small portions and reserve. This can work as a treat.   

 It is normal for cat owners to use treats to please them. It’s okay to offer a treat for your kitten sometimes, but it is necessary to pay attention to exaggerations in order not to harm your cat’s health. Balance is everything! 

So, what treats can I give?  

In the pet market there are many options of treats from many different brands and flavors. Diversifying the types of pet treats and finding one that your cat likes the most is a good option. It is important to always be very attentive to the level of fat that each brand has.  

In specialized pet stores, you also have options of treats that in addition to please your cat, it also helps in cleaning their teeth. 

Another option is to use safe human food. They’re easy and already available at home! But…what human food can cats eat?

can cat eat chocolate cookies in the shape of paw
  • You already know one! The cooked eggs 😉. 
  • Bananas can also be used as a treat; they are rich in potassium and fiber. 
  • Pieces of pumpkin are another healthy option for your kitten. 
  • Melon is also great, due to the various vitamins that melon has as vitamin A, B and C.

Want another TIP? 

So that you can please your kitten, anytime and anywhere, even when you are away, like at work, in the gym or with your friends, one solution is to have your Pawbo Plus Interactive Pet Camera! Not only a camera but also allows you to follow your cat´s routine and interact with him. Pawbo Plus has a treat dispenser that you control through the app and release the treats whenever you want.

You can now give healthy treats to your cat and finally know the answers for very common questions like: Can cats eat chocolate? Can cats eat cheese? Can cats drink milk? Can my cat eat eggs?  What human food can cats eat?

Pawbo cat

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