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Help your Pet to live a better and longer live!

As all animal lovers know, animal health care evolved in a great way in the last decades. From medicines to food, nowadays animal tutors have at their fingertips the possibility to offer to their pets the best quality care.

Over the years cats and dogs are living longer, due to an improvement in the medicine care and also to the better food that we offer them. Bringing pets inside our homes gave us the responsibility to treat, control and provide the best quality care to our animals.

Such as in humans, in pets, health prevention is the best path to guarantee a good quality and longer life. We can prevent in a lot of ways, like good vaccination and deworming protocols, offer good source of high quality food, physical activity, good environment and of course a lot of love.

As a preventive health care program there are some parameters that should be controlled at home, as weight, water intake and physical activity.

Weight management is one of the major concerns that a pet owner should have because it can be related to a reduced life expectancy, an increased incidence of other diseases and also a decrease in quality of life. In UK, its estimated that 46% of dogs are overweight or obese according to BVA and BVNA surveys done in 2017. Overweight develop due to an imbalance in caloric intake and energy expenditure. Among many reasons of overweight, there are two that we would like to underline: Lack control of food intake and physical activity. There are good solutions to control both. A smart feeder can help you control the food intake by regulating the daily amount of food that your pet eats. Pawbo Crunchy is one good solution, with its the app that controls the feeder, wherever you are, you can program the daily amount of food and split it in two or three meals. Physical activity is also a positive factor that contributes to weight loss and it can be monitored with the iPuppyGO pet activity tracker, that gives concrete data about how much calories your pet is losing. Changes in activity patterns can also be a good indicator of health changes (ex: articular pain can reduce your cat or dog activity). Along with these solutions we also recommend an adequate pet food and regular visits to the veterinary.

Water consumption its another factor that can help in the monitoring the health of your pet. As you know when you go to a vet check with your pet, you are always asked about your pet consumption of water. This question its related with some diseases (Ex: diabetes mellitus, Chronic renal impairment, etc…) that increase the water intake. This increased water intake, can be a sign, among other, that your pet has some clinical or sub-clinical disease. Monitoring your pets water consumption is hard to do, especially if you have multiple pets. This is where the Pawbo Spring, the pet water fountain comes in handy. With its ability to control each pets water consumption throw its connection to the iPuppyGo allows you to know the exact amount of water each of your pet has intake. The Pawbo Spring also allows you to watch films of your pet will his ends his thirst.

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